​Mission Statement

The Ellis-Beauregard Foundation provides resources for artists, engages with community and promotes the legacy of the founding artists, Joan Beauregard and John David Ellis.

​Vision Statement

The vision of the Ellis-Beauregard Foundation is to encourage, expand and sustain the courageous and imaginative dialogue that is fundamental to the arts. The Ellis-Beauregard Foundation celebrates the value of art to transcend cultures and engage with diverse communities. Through its programs, the Ellis-Beauregard Foundation supports the exploration of the common ground that art occupies, the way it engages people, and its ability to reveal our shared human experience.

The Ellis-Beauregard Foundation is pleased to announce a national $50,000.00 award to a contemporary choreographer. The Ellis-Beauregard Foundation is proud to partner with Portland Ovations to present the work of the awardee through their Raising the Barre initiative. This presentation is a requirement of the award and all expenses will be paid by the awardee. Applications are being accepted through www.submittble.com by choreographers living in the United States beginning May 1, 2023 with a deadline of July 1, 2023

The Choreographer Award is an effort to bolster the field, incubate new ideas and, thanks to our wonderful partnership with Portland Ovations and our amazing jurors, bring more dance to Maine. In its finest iteration, Contemporary Dance is transcendent and sublime, expressive and powerful beyond language. We are thrilled to join the conversation and support movement based art

Artists across America are welcome to apply. Applicants must be 18 years of age, US citizens and not enrolled in an educational program.


Felicitas Willems 

Independent Creative Producer based in France

Kayla Farrish

Choreographer, 2023 Ellis-Beauregard Foundation Choreographer Awardee

Sita Frederick

Director, Center for the Performing Arts at Penn State

The Project Grant  award is open to Maine Artists only, 18 years or over who are not enrolled as a student. Artist teams are welcome to apply.
The Ellis-Beauregard Foundation announces project grants for Maine artists working in all genres.The Ellis-Beauregard Foundation offers five $10,000.00 grants for projects completed within the grant year 2025. We are interested in supporting bold, compelling, risk taking work in and outside of the standard exhibition venue.Successful projects value unconventional approaches to art making, critical dialogue, collaboration and new models of community interface. Applications may address a distinct chapter, aspect or component of a larger project.
Interventions, site specific installations, publications, curatorial projects, web or media based work is all welcome. Community engagement and collaboration in and outside the arts is encouraged
A narrative, 10 work samples, resume, and budget are required. Failure submit a final report will result in ineligibility for any further grants. recipients must credit the Ellis-Beauregard Foundation in all public communication. Grant dollars will be delivered by December 2024 for the grant year 2025. Grant monies are taxable. We very excited to hear about your projects and encourage you to apply. Please submit your application through submittable.com

Rui Mateus Amaral, Senior Adjunct Curator, MOCA Toronto, and Independent Curator

Sarah Montross, Art & Exhibitions, Chief Curator, DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum/The Trustees.

Submission Requirements
Applicants will need to submit a narrative proposing their project, how they will bring it to the public and approximate assignation of funds. Additionally we require ten work samples and a resume. Applications will open June 1, 2024 and close August 1, 2024

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